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A small and perfectly formed website development and digital management company based in the Scottish Borders. We love working with musicians, artisans and artists helping build digital profiles to compliment creativity.

If you would rather focus on what you love, rather than shouting at computers, then maybe we can help.

website design

Your website needs to be truly intuitive for your users be they customers,  clients or collaborators. Sites need to be responsive so they look great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, plus they load quickly and give a fantastic experience.

website hosting

Reliable, secure hosting and maintenance of your website and your data is paramount.  24/7 uptime, dispursed global data centres and daily site back-ups are all standard. Webshop, payment gateways & customer data are all securely managed.

media management

Together with your website, social media feeds build a complete picture your business for your customers. They need to be managed so they are up to date and relevant. Defining your market helps identify the most suitable feeds.

User Experience

You don’t need instructions on how to open a door. The same should be true of navigating your website. Your visitors should feel rewarded, happy and look forward to returning. not bombarded with too much information. 

Generating Revenue

From your website, you can sell physical & digital goods directly from your own store, or direct to partners. Your website will be working for you 24 hours a day all year round.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of using suitable language and keywords on your site which match the words input to a search engine by your prospective clients. 


Not to be under estimated. You may already have a brand, you may need some collaboration and help. A variety of first-class creative branding experts can form part of the team. Beards are optional!

Content Strategy

Too many words and people will not read it . Too many big pictures and the site will not  load. A balancing act to provide what a user expects and ideally a little bit more.

Business Consulting

With experience of marketing and business development globally and locally in multiple sectors, we  can help you gain a wider audience and help your venture succeed

Recent Work

Please visit  these two very different businesses that we manage


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