Working alongside to to ensure your on-line presence reflects the best of your work.

content strategy

Your site will have high quality & useful content. You will reach new prospects who will stay on your site for longer. Building trust, purchasing your products, returning and recommending you and your  business to others.

User Interface / User Experience

Your visitors should feel rewarded, happy and look forward to returning

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO today is much more than simply using keywords. SEO is an ongoing process taking into account many aspects of your website: Site design, links, optimisation and languge all form part of the process. Find out more about SEO and how we can help



Well-written copy not only gives visitors confidence to buy your services, it also helps your site attract browsers ensuring the website places higher in Google’s search ranking so the right people find you.

generate revenue

Selling physical & digital goods directly from your own on-line store. Your website will be working for you 24 hours a day all year round.

business consulting

We  can help you gain a wider audience and help your business grow



Every site is a journey, so travel it well


Research & Analysis

Taking the time to understand your business and goals is the key to a succsesful campaign. After an introductory session, a detailed proposal is put together outlining each step of the project.


Once I understand your goals and objectives, we work together to develop your site. Aiming to reduce clutter and showing only what a user really needs to see at any given point. Naturally enhancing the user experience.


Deliver & Monitor

Once the site goes live, the work does not stop at all. The focus moves to monitoring, tuning  and adjusting content to ensure your site remains relevant, interesting and generating revenue for you.

Standard tools for maximum compatiblity & customization

simon clew

When I help to grow a business – that’s a real reward