Case Study

Gavin Greenaway

World renowned pianist, composer and conductor Gavin Greenaway needed a new approach to his on-line outreach reflective of his work

“I had an off the shelf site and no time to manage it, I needed something, but wasn’t quite sure what.”

Like many others, Gavin was constantly being approached by people wanting to take on his website and social media management. The challenge was always finding someone he could trust and work collaboratively with. With a background in the creative arts and busines development, Gavin took a look at my proposal. This was a turning point and the start of a new way of working.

A sensitive & collaborative approach to deliver measurable results


Gavin Greenaway, like many musicians faced the on-line challenge. It’s all too easy to end up spending every spare minute trying to deal with Spotify or Apple Music, getting more social followers, remembering to promote that concert on Songkick – It’s a never ending list. In Gavin Greenaway’s case, he was simply too busy and time had eventually run out. He needed to move away from  the management of his on-line presence, but still wanted be involved and informed.



I wanted to do more than just deliver a website. Sure, all of the content needed to be in one place so fans can quickly find everything.  Info on the next concert, the catalogue of film music, watch videos and connect to streaming services and purchase sheet music. But we also looked at all of the social and streaming sites, so we had a consistent look across all platforms. With increased listeners, fans and streams, Gavin gets to spend his time composing, conducting and performing whilst I manage the background.


“Moving from a self managed site to an external resource freed up my time, delivered real benefits and I now get to focus on what’s important to me – music”