KVM Consultancy


With over 20 years experience in the KVM, High Performance KVM switch and extension market, Simon Clew offers independent expert consultancy on KVM applications, KVM solutions, the global KVM market, the key players and what the future may look like.

01. Technologies

Direct connect and IP KVM overview. Strengths and weaknesses of each technology and their suitability to specific applications and vertical markets.


02. Markets

Overview of the global market, the key players and their route to market through System Integrators, White Label, Value Added Resellers and direct to user models.


03. Vendors

The key high end manufacturers, the vertical market specialists and the high volume providers.

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When you hear people say 'it was an honour to do a particular job', I now know what that means. Dedicating the time to producing sites that are worthy and reflective of my clients own work is a joy. Being trusted with a clients' output, balancing the commercial with the visual, understanding the work and the goals and together we get great results. Initially from a performance background, I spent many years in the music business. Whilst supporting myself as a jobbing musician, I discovered I also had a knack for spotting business opportunities and the ability to present them to clients. This ultimately led onto a career in Business Development and Marketing.
I was early to the world of website design and gained an understanding from first principles. My interest in the User Interface and User Experience across all touchpoints of business was a big driver for my successful IT career. Taking the opportunity to simplify life, I was determined to repurpose my talents for sales, marketing and branding with a return to website design and my loves of the creative arts alongside business development. My goal is to work alongside clients to produce websites worthy and reflective of their businesses. I dedicate all the time needed to get this right and aim to completely understand the importance of work being presented in the way the client sees fit along with my own input delivering a commercial edge.

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